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Oh Canada Cup III
Coming Soon!!

Click the tourney links on the left menu to see all the details.
there is a new link for this year's event, a link to the rules and a link to look at last year's tournament.
Unfortunately, we don't have a link to the first ever tournament as this web site was created after that tourney.

What is the Oh Canada Commentary?
The Oh Canada Commentary is an opportunity for Canadian region managers in The Boxing Game to work together to build community amongst those who share a common interest.
Anyone in the region is welcome to participate in offering columns about game issues, fight previews, fight reviews, opinions, photographs, anything they wish related to TBG, Canada or both.
Subject on this site doesn't have to be limited to TBG but it must have a Canadian content of some sort.
If you'd like to help write some of the content on this site contact us at the address below.
We also welcome your comments.

Questions? Want to get involved? Send us an e-mail
You can contact us at ohcanadatbg@canada.com